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doomshow's Journal

so far soo goodness.
a clockwork orange, air guitar, all mighty tallest, angelina jolie, ani difranco, art, asexuality, assmeats, atari, beetle juice, bisexuality, black lipstick, blah, blur, brainfreezy, cats, chemicals, chuck palanuik, conspiracy theories, count cocofang, creativity, crows, d-boy, damon albarn, darren aronofsky, david fincher, destroying, devi, dib, domains, doom, dr. suess, edward gorey, edward norton, edward scissor hands, elijah wood, ewan mcgregor, exploding, explosives, feminism, fight club, filler bunny, fiona apple, gameboy, gameboy advance, gamers, gaz, gir, happy noodle boy, hemaphrodites, horror, i feel sick, individuality, invader zim, invaders, james franco, jhonen, jhonen v, jhonen vasquez, jimi hendrix, johnny, johnny the homicidal maniac, johnny thunders, jthm, keef, lenore, lye, making soap, mongoose, moose, moulin rouge, mr. eff, ms. bitters, nail bunny, nailbunny, new york dolls, nintendo, nitro glycerin, nny, operation impending doom, orlando bloom, paper street soap, paranormal activities, peter jackson, pi, piggies, pink floyd, plagues, poerty, poop, portishead, pro-choice, professor membrane, radiohead, roman dirge, rubber piggies, sci-fi, scotland, scots, scottish, slave labor graphics, soap, sodium hydroxide, spooky, squee, squee!, stanley kubrick, stuart townsend, super nintendo, taquitos, tenna, the bad art collection, the buzzcocks, the chemical brothers, the clash, the crow, the cure, the dickies, the doors, the dust brothers, the faculty, the misfits, the mothman, the nightmare before christmas, the paranormal, the ramones, the scary monkey show, the sickness, the strokes, the tallest, the who, theology, tim burton, trigonometry, tyler durden, unitarian, unitarianism, vincent price, world domination, worm babies, writing, x-ray spex, z?, zim